How to buy XRP youtube ?

This manual will teach you how you can purchase Ripple with each method possible, allowing you to make an educated decision.

Why Ripple?

XRP is the indigenous cryptographic advantage of the XRP ledger. In the cryptocurrency marketplace, it’s occasionally referred to as Ripple because of its affiliation with its parent company.

Ripple.com lists many crypto exchanges that handle the XRP token.  Let’s say Bank A in Australia wants to send $5 million to Bank B at Bangladesh. Rather than converting Australian dollars to Bangladeshi taka, battling exchange rate margins, calculating charges and slow transaction times on the way, Bank A will move $5 million value of XRP to Bank B’s Ripple pocket, that can then be converted to local currency. Payments using XRP settle in just four seconds, and the current minimum transaction cost required by the system for a normal transaction is 0.00001 XRP. The network is currently currently capable of handling 1,500 transactions per minute. XRP runs on technologies called the interledger protocol that uses digital currency to repay accounts across two banks differing ledgers. Banks like Santander, Reisebank from Germany, and ATB Financial right here in Canada have experimented using XRP to settle transactions. There are several Ripple wallets out there. From online wallets, mobile & desktop to hardware wallets, the decision is ultimately yours. You need to consider basing your decision on your individual requirements. Each wallet type has different pro’s and con’s, which we’ve highlighted in our blog post.

How to buy XRP youtube ?
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