How to get XRP address ?

Before the surge, XRP was severely overwhelmed the aggregated crypto markets, even as it stayed caught in a tight trading range between $0.30 and $0.34 that was shown to be a difficult range to break over despite the tailwinds created by Bitcoin’s up surge, which enabled many cryptos to post adequate profits.

XRP real world use cases

But , there are still worries that the XRP ledger is centralized on account of how the Ripple firm controls a large number of the validator nodes on the network. The company has vowed to gradually lower this amount. As at October 2018 Ripple controlled just under 50 percent of those XRP validator nodes.

Wallets work very much like bank accounts and guarantee you will maintain your tokens secure if an exchange goes bust or drops prey of cyber theft. Ripple is a different animal to bitcoin. As well as being a cryptocurrency, it is also a payment platform. Additionally, it does not possess a blockchain. Instead, it employs the Ripple protocol consensus algorithm, so all trades have to be verified by each node until they can proceed. That makes it rather exciting for investors and is still a part of the reason why demand for Ripple has improved lately. It is now trading at $0.359, with a market cap of $14.66 billion. Much like bitcoin, Ripple has endured a sharp price correction in the last 12 months, however there are signs that it will recover. A few banks have embraced the technological art of the Ripple platform such as, Santander, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, Westpac, Union Credit, NBAD, and many more. In accordance with Ripple Labs, banks may save an average of $3.76 per payment by using their protocol and contemplating that banks perform thousands or maybe millions of trades like this annually, this can signify potentially millions in savings. I know what you are thinking. Bitcoin is too expensive. Take comfort in the fact that this sentiment (it is too pricey ) keeps many people from buying any Crypto, and creates an early entry situation for you so that you can take advantage of lower costs. And, at least buying Bitcoin is currently instantaneous on Coinbase if you’ve finished the basic confirmation.

How to get XRP address ?
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