Binance Coin

How to see the price that I bought the coin on Binance ?

Binance coin is used by users to pay the fees levied by Binance exchange for using the services. Additionally, Like any other cryptocurrency, BNB can also be traded on encouraged cryptocurrency exchanges.

The crypto token has also garnered support from other partnerships that has helped its usage spread. It features a partnership with Asia’s premier high-end live video streaming platform, Uplive, which sells virtual gifts for BNB tokens to Uplive’s 20 million strong user base. Binance coin can also be supported by the system, the mobile app, as well as the VISA debit card of Monaco, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform.

Why Buy the Binance Coin? The BNB Qualities

Binance platform also has a repurchase plan, where it will use 20 percent of its profits to buy back BNB tokens, and burn/destroy them before a max of 50%, or 100 million, BNB tokens are bought back. This process will leave only 100 million BNB tokens in circulation, helping it maintain a significant price.

There’s also a »BNB Vested Plan » for the exchange’s founding group members as well in which there will be a beginning release of 20 percent or 16 million BNB exemptions into the creators. Then, an additional 16 million BNB tokens will be distributed to the founders every year, for four decades.

Nevertheless, we still think BNB is primed for future growth, since the Binance is preparing itself to comply with European legislation, is about to become a fiat gateway (accepting fiat deposits and deposits ), and is preparing a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) which will run on its own chain and be powered by BNB — raising BNB’s usage cases and likely price.

To Purchase Binance Coin with INR, produce your account on Koinex and buy BTC with INR. Transfer the coins to Binance wallet guided above. You may produce the transaction to purchase Binance Coin with your Indian rupee.

BNB buyers are incentivized via the 50% trading commission discount in their first year when they exchange and choose to pay the fees via the BNB coins they are holding in their own account. This reduction halves annually till it zeroes in the 5th year.

How to see the price that I bought the coin on Binance ?
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